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As outlined in the Healthy China 2030 Plan, to enhance the country's development capabilities, the Chinese government has been improving healthcare in terms of drug affordability and healthcare access, as well as encouraging homegrown innovation to upgrade the country's healthcare sector.


Gloria is actively undertaking the social responsibility of a pharmaceutical company, and solely sponsors full-length documentary "Life-threatening", which is to educate and guide the public to have a correct understanding of reasonable and safe medication. Gloria has determined a clear direction in the strategic development of health and wellness, and is developing the company under this strategic direction in M&As, collaborations and R&D pipeline.


Aiming at the increasing population of chronic diseases, Gloria has been continuously enriching company product portfolio for chronic diseases through strategic M&As and collaborations, such as Creatine Phosphate Sodium for Injection, Clopidogrel Hydrogen Sulphate Tablets, and Olmesartan Medoxomil Tablets for cardiovascular diseases, Potassium Chloride Sustained ReleaseTablets for electrolyte supplement, Recombinant Human Insulin Injection for diabetes, Calcium Acetate Tablets for chronic kidney disease, Desloratadine Citrate Disodium Capsules for anti-allergy. There are also product for nutrition, including vitamins and Calcium and Zinc Gluconates Oral Solution. By continuously enriching product portfolio in chronic diseases, Gloria is expanding rapidly to chronic diseases treatment field. In the future, oral solids for chronic diseases will still be an important direction of the company development strategy.


Gloria as always will be committed to provide high-quality medicines with reasonable price, popularize health and nutrition knowledge to the public, and improve their health awareness and health level. Toward the mission, Gloria is on the way and making best efforts all the time.


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