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Strong sales team and broad sales network is the most constituent part of the core competence at Gloria. We focuses on market expansion and establishing distribution channels. Gloria has many well-established sales team, including Agent team, Self-operation team, OTC team, and County-level agent team. To discover all and full potentials, Gloria combined different sales model to reach a much broader and deeper coverage on market.

By setting up own sales company and M&A of GSP companies, there is nearly 1,000 sales people, managing over 3,000 agents and whose promotion team up to 20,000. In the beginning of 2017, Gloria combined and integrated all distribution channels, enhanced hospital listing in county level, directing the channel further to the terminal to explore new market.

Currently, Gloria has a full coverage in 31 provinces, 6,000 hospitals and 150,000 pharmacies.

At the same time, the company introduces sales performance management system and talents from foreign companies, transforms to digitalized and delicacy management. Using the terminal flow information system, based on informatization, big data, we discover and analyze problems from terminal data, find corresponding solutions, and lay a solid foundation to improve overall sales performance.

In March 2017, Gloria headquarters has established Central Marketing Department under Group Marketing Management Center, to integrate more than 60 talents from every individual sales company. With their professional strengths in product research, market research, making business strategy, organizing and implementation capabilities, Central Marketing Department serves to offer planning and strategy support for headquarters to make decisions, and provide policy guidance and professional advices for sales team.

In addition, the headquarters established a Department of Commerce under Group Marketing Management Center, in order to have a better integration of resources, management and planning of distribution channels, and provide high quality solutions. To comply with the new policies of healthcare reform, we proactively explore the upgrade and transition of sales operation model under the two-invoice system, and make best efforts to provide the customers with the high quality and value-added channel services.

In September 2017, Gloria signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Sinopharm and initiated the strategic collaboration in an all-round way. Since then, as a strategic partner to Sinopharm which has a full channel coverage all over China, Gloria will be provided plenty of favorable policies in co-development of terminal market and informatization sharing of big data, which will be a higher level of cooperation. In addition, the third party logistics service cooperation between Tibet Gloria Sunshine Company and Sinopharm also started. The promotion suppliers will get more and more support in Gloria's outstanding supply chain platform, Gloria will embrace a brand new tomorrow in the pharmaceutical market! 

In the future, the company will continue to build core competitiveness centering on "products, customers, sales team", vigorously develop market with concept of "cooperation, development and win-win", and  become into a strong competitor in the domestic pharmaceutical market.


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