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With years of rapid development, Gloria actively built up clusters of products in cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and nutritional area, and has completed the transition from a single variety to major therapeutic areas. Following the trend of the industry, Gloria focuses on the return of the clinical value of pharmaceutical products. In recent years, Gloria constantly adjust the development model with a bigger view. Through different ways of self-development, M&A and licensing-in, Gloria so far has acquired dozens of (over 150) products , covering therapeutic classes in cardiovascular, vitamins and minerals, endocrine, anti-infection, anti-tumor, urinary system, digestive system and respiratory system.

Gloria , lay a high emphasis on the clinical values of products. With a broader vision, Gloria explores different ways to acquire products and enrich portfolio from an international level. In our portfolio, we have the exclusive rights of the high quality imported products, and many international first-line drugs in process of negotiation. On the other hand, Gloria with Wuxi AppTec signed a biologics research and development strategic framework agreement and specific product development agreement. With the help of Wuxi biotechnology platform, Gloria entered into the field of biological medicine. At this point, Gloria gets on high-speed train of biologics development, and starts the exploration and strategic layout in the field of biologics.



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